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Pear-vanilla fruit jellies


  • For 1.6 kg of fruit jellies


1/ Ingredients


  • 1 kg pears pulp*
  • 25 g yellow pectin special fruit jellies
  • 800 g crystal sugar
  • 50 g glucose syrup
  • 25 g citric acid or tartaric in aqueous solution (12.5 g acid -12.5 g water)

2/ * Vanilla pulp of pears


  • 1 kg Williams pears
  • 1 l water
  • 750 g caster sugar
  • 1 lemon (for the poaching of pears)
  • The juice of one lemon (to be mixed with the pears)
  • 2 vanilla pods

Peel, remove the seeds and cut the Williams pears in four.

Bring 1 litre of water with 750 g of caster sugar to the boil.

Add one lemon cut in half to the broth and squeeze the juice out.

Lay the pears in the syrup and poach them gently at low heat for approximately 20 minutes.

Drip dry the fruits and mix them with the juice of one lemon and the seeds of two vanilla pods.

Bring the fruit pulp to a temperature of 40°C in a saucepan and shower the pectin over, mixed with 100g of crystal sugar, mixing vigorously with a whip to avoid any lump.

Bring to a boil while mixing and add the 700g of the remaining sugar in two dips.

Bake at 10 °C while continuing to mix to avoid the pectin sticking to the bottom of the saucepan.

At 105°C, add the 25 g of acid in aqueous solution and mix thoroughly.

Immediately pour the mix between 4 rulers or in a mould covered with baking paper over a thickness of 1cm (oil the sides of the mould with bio grape seed oil).

Leave to cool and cut into squares or rectangles.

To finish, roll the fruit jellies into crystal sugar.

The fruit jellies can be kept in an airtight bag for 2 months

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