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Mes confitures, Christine Ferber

24 September 2020
Indispensable! The Jam Fairy shares all her secrets…

Every food lover knows Christine Ferber, the “Jam Fairy”. This master patissière-confectioner, who lives and works in the village where she was born – Niedermorschwihr in Alsace – has won over the greatest chefs with her jams and bittersweet confections: Alain Ducasse, la maison Troisgros, Pierre Gagnaire and more. A virtuoso when it comes to flavours, she opens up her recipe book to us: morello cherry and apple jam with fresh mint, apple and acacia flower jelly, blackcurrant with pinot noir, chestnuts and walnuts… More than 200 creations, both classic and daring, all simply explained, to delight all those who love sweet things.