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« Chocolat », Thierry Mulhaupt

10 November 2021
“Chocolat” is a book that invites you to dive into a whole catalogue of emotions, sensations and journeys through chocolate and Colombia

The book’s origins go back to a fascinating Colombian adventure that led chocolatier and pâtissier Thierry Mulhaupt to purchase a 10 hectare plantation in the foothills of the Andes, and which nurtured his commitment to agroforestry, biodiversity and sustainable cacao farming.

In this book, the reader will learn all there is to know, from cacao to chocolate: its history, its production, its geopolitical economy, its symbolism, and the all-important eco-responsibility criteria on which the author seeks to enlighten us.

The secrets of cacao, the art of making and enjoying chocolate, the luxuriant and generous nature of Colombia, the coffee… all have their place in this book, and much more besides.

For naturally this book is also – and primarily – a tasting tour with fifty or so recipes, each one a stopover on the way, ranging from chocolate crème brûlée and chocolate caramel tart to salt butter and peanuts, rib of beef with cocoa barbecue sauce, and line-caught sea bass in cacao nib salt crust; recipes which are often easy, occasionally technical, but always tempting and delicious.

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