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Frédéric CASSEL

Boasting a patisserie with a modern design and a comfortable, intimate Chocolaterie/Tea Salon, the Cassel establishment caters to the desires of anyone with a sweet tooth.

With its two collections, « Spring-Summer » and « Autumn-Winter », Frédéric Cassel revisits the great classics and creates innovative desserts: ephemeral pleasures for each season, born from the inspiration of the moment. His creations are an invitation to succumb to temptation, with a palette of colours and irresistible flavours… and this talent has been rewarded, for the second time since 1999, with the Patissier of the Year award of 2007, “Talents du goût” award in 2008, and Meilleur Millefeuille Île de France award.

President of Relais Desserts from 2003 to 2018 and President of the french team winner of the worldwide pastry cup 2013.


Contact :

Tel : 01 64 22 84 17