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Paris Brest



1/ Choux pastry


  • Milk 150g
  • Water 150g
  • Sugar 6g
  • Salt 6g
  • Butter 135g
  • Flour t45 165g
  • Egg 300g

Bring the water, milk, salt, sugar and butter to a boil in a pan.

Remove from the heat, stir in the flour, mix vigorously with the spatula.

Put back on the heat and dry until the dough peels from the walls.

Transfer into the mixer bowl with the foil.

Add the eggs gradually, making sure that the choux paste remains homogeneous before each addition of eggs.

Squeeze out large éclairs from a pastry bag:

20cm long for 4 people, 30cm for 6 people and 40cm for 8 people.

Add the croquant to the top and bake at 200°C for about 35 min.

2/ Croquant


  • Butter 150g
  • Brown sugar 185g
  • Flour t45 185g

Mix the butter pommade, brown sugar and finish with the flour to a homogeneous dough.

Spread between two sheets about 1.5 mm thick and then freeze.

Peel off and detail before placing on the choux pastry.

3/ Praline cream


  • Milk 300g
  • Yolk 75g
  • Sugar 60g
  • Powdered cream 40g
  • Butter, hot 30g
  • Salt 1g
  • Hazelnut paste 30g
  • Homemade praline 120g
  • Cold butter 200g

Pour the milk into a boiling pan.

Blanche the egg yolks and caster sugar and add the powdered cream.

Pour a little milk into the previous mixture and then pour back into the pan.

Cook until thickened, add the hot butter, salt, hazelnut paste and praline.

Cool quickly.

Put the cold cream into the mixer to be whisked, then add the cold butter ointment, emulsify and then arrange.

4/ Caramelized hazelnuts


  • Sugar 154g
  • Water 38,5g
  • Hazelnuts 308g
  • Butter 15,4g
  • Salt 1,5g

Heat the sugar and water in a copper pan.

Add the previously roasted hazelnuts to the boil.

Crystallise then continue mixing with a spatula until the hazelnuts caramelize.

Add the butter and salt and spread on a baking tray.

5/ Almond biscuit


  • White 180g
  • Caster sugar 110g
  • Yolks 45g
  • Caster sugar 137,5g
  • Ground almonds 70g
  • Powdered biscuit 70g
  • Flour T55 70g

Whip the whites and stir in the sugar (French meringue)

Add the yolks

Gradually pour the sieved powders into the first mixture

Spread on a baking sheet and bake at 160°C for 20 minutes.

6/ Pailleté feuilletine


  • Homemade praline 300g
  • Butter 20g
  • Chocolate milk 30g
  • Feuilletine 150g

Place the praline to be turned over onto the sheet

Add the butter and melted chocolate.

Add the sheet and spread over the almond biscuit.

7/ Assembly

  • Using a knife, open the choux pastry shell in half.
  • Place a strip of sheet biscuit to the bottom.
  • Squeeze out a line of pure homemade praline.
  • Squeeze the praline cream using a fluted nozzle.
  • Sprinkle with caramelized hazelnuts.
  • Close the Paris Brest

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