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« Des gâteaux et des saisons », Claire Damon

27 September 2021
In this, her first book, the pastry chef, Relais Desserts member and head of Parisienne cake shop Des Gâteaux et Du Pain (which she runs with David Granger) offers her vision of patisserie.

Respect for products and seasons, no colourings, just the right amount of sugar, wholemeal flours with no additives… all in a superb volume with a carefully designed layout.

The book starts in Autumn, with pear choux, vanilla millefeuille, fruit cake, chestnut moelleux and filbert tart. Winter follows on, with the famous Fracas de la Banquise, lemon Absolu, Kashmir and mandarin calisson, not forgetting her almond galette.

Next comes Spring, with a rhubarb bâton, strawberry savarins, May rose sablés and Shahzadeh. The dance of the seasons culminates in Summer, with an exuberant verbena peach, cherry lipstick, and more CD signature tarts and cakes.

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