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Selection of Desserts with Seasonal fruits

20 February 2024
Let’s discover the innovative and comforting creations of our pastry chefs who turn seasonal fruits into edible works of art. Each creation is a celebration of flavours and textures that winter offers. Join us on this delicious adventure where the creativity and passion of our pastry chefs give life to desserts that are as beautiful as they are tasty, just the perfect antidote to the winter gloom.

With his “Madagascar” dessert, Mathieu Kamm invites us to enjoy a sensorial experience right in the heart of winter. Let yourself be seduced by his Madagascar vanilla and Ceylon cinnamon whipped cream, his passion fruit and roasted pineapple compote, and his soft almond biscuit.

With the “Privilège” dessert created by Vincent Vallée, succumb to a pastry experience which awakens the senses and celebrates the art of gourmet pleasure. Vanilla, mango, passion fruit and a delicate rice pudding make a perfect combination!

With his “Paradis blanc” dessert, Patrick Agnellet offers us a hymn to lightness and gourmet pleasure! Behind its elegant white chocolate surround, each bite promises a tasting of delicately balanced flavours.

Try the “Lyon – Tokyo” tart presented by Sébastien Bouillet, which mixes the freshness of yuzu and grapefruit with the deliciousness of pink praline. A gourmet creation that combines visual daring with subtlety of flavours!

Pierre Hermé makes the apples taste sublime in this tart, where textures and flavours are delicately intertwined. Some orange zest accompanies the apples in the oven in order to enhance their flavour, the raw Granny Smith adds a touch of freshness and acidity, and the crunchy crumble with poppy seeds gives the final touch of deliciousness to this tart, where all the taste of the fruit is expressed. 

Enjoy the Pâtisserie Moutarlier’s elegant mango and passion fruit vacherin glacé! An ode to freshness and gourmet pleasure, the perfect way to finish a winter meal.

Celebrate the sweetness of life with the exotic fruits Pavlova designed by Vincent Guerlais, an aerial ballet of crunchy meringue, crowned with smooth cream and tropical fruits. In every bite, there is a promise of escape under sunny skies.

Stimulate your senses with the mango and passion fruit cheesecake made by Frédéric Cassel: a creamy base crowned with a bright mirror glaze of tropical fruits for an explosion of sunny flavours. With its perfect balance between sweetness and acidity, you are invited to enjoy a delicious experience!

Immerse yourself in the deliciousness of the Vianney Bellanger’s chocolate and mandarin charlotte, in which the richness of cocoa meets the freshness of citrus fruits. Covered with a silky mandarin coulis, this creation is a hymn to the harmony of flavours.

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