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Selection Easter 2024

26 February 2024
Discover the exquisite creations made by the Relais Desserts pastry chefs and chocolate makers to celebrate Easter. Their culinary works take you into a world of flavour and creativity, embodying the artisanal excellence and passion for sweet treats. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable taste experience, where each bite evokes the magic of this gourmet tradition.

Jean-Paul Hévin affirms his love for Paris by giving this egg the name “Réverbère”, to which the capital of France owes its nickname “The City of Light”. A delicious homage to the city’s radiance!

Rock ‘n’ roll has never been so soft and sweet! Get ready to melt for this chocolate masterpiece made by Vincent Guerlais, which promises once again to thrill your taste buds!

Succumb to the elegance of this Kintsugi Egg imagined by Pierre Hermé, which sublimates the beauty of a broken egg in the style of this ancestral Japanese tradition. Each bite is a celebration of the spring renewal and the extraordinary skills of the pastry and chocolate chef! 

In the spirit of spring, Laurent Duchêne presents an Easter egg that is a real canvas of chocolate, painted in swirling blue and decorated with fishes in shimmering colours. A sweet symphony of taste and colour that awakens the senses!

Enjoy Easter with elegance and gourmet pleasure thanks to the Laurent Le Daniel’s “Olympe” dessert. Its soft heart and Olympic Games-style decoration promise a moment of sharing and pleasure as aesthetic as tasty.

Proudly armed with shield and spear, this artisanal chocolate creation from Maison Moutarlier is a celebration of the art of pastry and the magic of Easter. Who will dare challenge this valiant fighter for a chocolate feast?

Discover this pastry masterpiece, all in chocolate, ready to delight your taste buds. A delectable homage to the trade created by Maison Oberweis. To offer as a gift or just to please yourself for a sweet Easter!

Experience the originality and finesse of flavours with this unique white chocolate Easter egg, sprinkled with pistachios, designed by Iginio Masari. An edible work of art to celebrate Easter brilliantly and deliciously!

Taste the tradition with this Easter Dove, an exquisite cake with almonds and sugar pearls made by Fabrizio Galla. Let a flight of Italian flavours land on your festive tables!

Discover the pastry elegance of the Arnaud Larher’s desserts, a symphony of flavours that combines red fruit compote and creamy fromage blanc mousse. The whipped raspberry ganache is married to a crispy cornflake biscuit, all placed on a soft choux pastry-style biscuit. An exceptional creation to stimulate your senses and embellish your festive moments!

Chocolatier Sébastien Bouillet has an Olympic shape for Easter! Inspired by the Olympic Games, he imagined a collection of chocolate creations thought in every detail through different sports. Rocky the boxer, Tony the skater, Gloria the swimmer, D’Artagnan the fencer and Bunny the sprinter… A meticulous and artisanal work to fill the Games!

A special design for the Arthur De Rouw’s Easter creation: the Zoooooo egg. Offer or treat yourself to this cheerful gift with a wink, a combination of crispy rice, tasty feuilletine and refined hazelnut praline.

This year, Richard Sève has created a large Easter egg decorated with dark chocolate and topped with hazelnut praline and feuilletine. There are several successive layers of chocolate, then of hazelnut praline. The ornamentation composed of very fine scrolls, a work of infinite precision, makes this egg a real work of art which Maison Sève offers in two versions, milk or dark, and in limited edition.

Funny Bunny, a funny rabbit, imagined by Frédéric Loraschi, will be perfect to fill the baskets of Easter for children and adults! Fun creations made entirely of chocolate, like egg carrots also to discover.

Succumb to the Uovo Bonbon designed by Luigi Biasetto, white chocolate and milk chocolate 34% Africa and South America.

Celebrate Easter with the irresistible chocolate egg created by Vianney Bellanger and his team. The egg is topped with eggs, milk and dark puff pastry, milk chocolate fries and chocolate coated hazelnuts and almonds.

The adventurers of the Luc Guillet team take you on a treasure hunt like no other! This Easter, immerse yourself in an oasis of exotic flavors with an exclusive chocolate collection, decorated and inspired by the wonders of the tropical jungle: like Koda the koala. Wild in its trees, but delightfully irresistible!

Wonderful cocotte eggs await you at Marc Ducobu, to prepare your Easter brunch in a very gourmet way.

This year, Nicolas Bernardé’s teams transport us to the depths of the ocean for a most original and fun hunting and fishing. Explore a chocolate universe filled with irresistible creations offering a melting and gourmet experience

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