Saturday 25 May 2024


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By presenting us with 70 kinds of chocolate, the Maison Bellanger makes no secret of his passion.

An inspired artisan, he not only creates selections for his clientele, but also wholly edible gift boxes ! Which can, for instance, be made of chocolate lace, decorated with motifs made of chocolate and top quality marzipan.

Vianney grew up in the pastry store atmosphere since his youngest age. The workshops of his father Jacques Bellanger were his favourite playing fields. But his career path began with other horizons. Studies of engineer, 4 years spent in this professional environment. One day the obvious fact: return to origins… So Vianney started trainings, deserved its place thanks his work! And today he manages with pleasure with his father, Jacques, the Bellanger chocolate shops!

Contact :

Tel : 02 43 87 62 22