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22 November 2022
A particularly complete book on pastry that begins with a dozen historical pages...

… then 20 pages of raw materials, and then the basic recipes, cookies, pasta, creams, chocolate and praline, meringues.

And finally the recipes of Arnaud Larher settled in Paris and M.O.F, illustrated in photographs and with illustration way technical sketch cut plan: large tables (Pompadour, Mont-Blanc), chocolate addicts (chocolate mousse, Montmartre rocks, tartlette caracas with wild pepper from Madagascar), at snack time (strawberry tart, buckwheat madeleines, Breton patties), on the plate (garden freshness, crème brûlée with vanilla infusion), in its cupboards (blackcurrant jam with blackcurrant pepper, marshmallow bears, vanilla and caramel), festive cakes (Josephine log, Pineapple, Valentine’s rose) and finally a challenge pastry (strawberry, Hawaiian pie, Saint Honoré).

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