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22 April 2024

… The Macaroon

How did this small biscuit of crushed almonds introduced in France by Catherine de Medicis became the beloved star?

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22 April 2024

… the different types of flour

Wheat flour, oatmeal flour, rye flour, T45 or T80… There are numerous names for ingredients which, on first impression, seem sim...

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8 March 2024

… Pâques

Before the arrival of modern chocolates and sweets, Easter festivities were marked by recipes transmitted from generation to gener...

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5 March 2024

… Vanilla

Feminine, fragile and yet robust, this tropical fruit comes from a tiny orchid and is as important to pastry as salt is to gastron...

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30 January 2024

… Valentine’s Day

Weddings performed in secret, loving words whispered, chocolates and red hearts, Valentine’s Day is always full of surprises! Am...

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4 January 2024

… Galette des rois

In France, we are in the sweet habit of celebrating holidays with some emblematic desserts. In the case of Epiphany, it inevitably...

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6 December 2023

… the yule log

In France, if there is one immutable culinary tradition, it is the Yule log. How can you imagine a Christmas meal without this emb...

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25 October 2023

… Selection of praline desserts October 2023

In the infinitely delicious world of patisserie, a brilliant trend is emerging to melt the hearts of the most demanding gourmands:...

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9 May 2023

… Saint Honorés Selection 2023

A delicate combination of a crispy and caramelized puff pastry, small ambered choux pastries and light vanilla cream: the Saint Ho...

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