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25 October 2023

… Selection of praline desserts October 2023

In the infinitely delicious world of patisserie, a brilliant trend is emerging to melt the hearts of the most demanding gourmands:...

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9 May 2023

… Saint Honorés Selection 2023

A delicate combination of a crispy and caramelized puff pastry, small ambered choux pastries and light vanilla cream: the Saint Ho...

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17 April 2023

… The Macaroon

How did this small biscuit of crushed almonds introduced in France by Catherine de Medicis became the beloved star?

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9 March 2023

… Nougat or Turrón?

When you think of Montélimar, you think of nougat. If someone mentions Spanish confectionery, it is turrón that will come to min...

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16 January 2023

… A little sunshine in the winter

Citrus fruits are exceptional when it comes to their visual, olfactory and taste richness. They are also an extraordinarily expres...

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14 November 2022

… Chocolate spread

Chocolate spread is famed as a major ingredient in our breakfast, snacks and other gourmet moments, but where does it come from?

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10 October 2022

… rum baba was born

Rum baba was first made in the 18th century, out of a penchant for dipping cake in syrup, from the stories in Arabian Nights, and ...

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11 May 2022

Strawberries in pastries

What a pleasure it is to go to the local farmers market and see the first strawberries of the season! Their appearance marks the e...

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28 March 2022

… Chocolate

The fruit of the Maya cacahuaquchtl tree is today comparable with hat of a grand cru. A journey into this voluptuous universe...

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