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Relais Desserts, excellence in pastry

Relais Desserts has been grouping French Haute Pâtisserie (high pastry) world elite together for 35 years, to ensure it shines all over the globe.

So, they are about a hundred pastry chefs and chocolate makers from 19 countries, front and centre on the gourmet stage or simply inescapable in their regions.

Because pastry is a fully fledged art without compromise, Relais Desserts has been created around the master word of “Excellence”.

A fully mastered technique and a meticulous precision are the backbone of the creative universe on which every member leans upon to express his own sensitivity and to particularise his inspiration.

Relais Desserts is the guarantee, therefore, of unequalled know-how and inflexible quality brought to its pinnacle, to be passed on from generation to generation.

Our team is composed as follow :

Become a member of Relais Desserts

If you wish to join the association because you share the same values and the same vision of our trade, the terms of your commitment are as follows:


Several criteria to become a member

To have been in the business for 3 years

To be sponsored by 2 members who will guarantee your professional and moral qualities: the supervisor of your region and the member of Relais Desserts located closest to you.

To receive the visit of 2 members of the admission committee and to receive a favourable report following the visit.


Several principles define our commitment

They are included in the Relais Desserts charter and are the pillars of the association. They guarantee its durability and its level of excellence.

Our mission
To bring together the international elite of pastry.

Our values
Passion for our trade, the Requirement of quality, the Care for detail, the Search for excellence, the Opening to others, Mutual respect, Genuineness, the Call into question.

Our action

  • To promote high end and innovative pastry
  • To foster Haute Patisserie and to highlight the value of the trade
  • To support innovation by giving impetus to new tendencies

Our commitments

  • To ensure that the association benefits from its human qualities, its reputation and its professionalism
  • To actively take part in the logic of exchange and sharing of the association
  • To become the best spokesperson of the association and to train one’s staff to the values of Relais Desserts

The marks of belonging

Points of sale:

  • Welcoming, clean and well maintained, worthy of the high end level of expectation of Relais Desserts
  • Clean façades, creative shop windows, elegant presentation, neat packaging
  • High end resale products. No small ads, no poster.
  • Relais Desserts communication tools

The sales team:

  • High quality of welcome, harmonised uniform, hygiene training
  • The staff should know the products, mention them in an edifying manner and must be trained to the Relais Desserts values


  • Hygiene beyond reproach, regularly kept

Laboratory staff:

  • Of a good level, trained on hygiene and on safety norms as well as on the values of Relais Desserts

A financial commitment 

An annual subscription is requested from the members of Relais Desserts. Several levels of participation are calculated, depending on turnover. A financial contribution is also requested punctually for some Relais Desserts events.