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19 May 2020
Once again, pastry chefs compete in inventiveness to offer you their original, lively and colourful creations. A lovely way to tell your Mum how much you cherish her...

Invited by Chefs Guy Krenzer and Jean-Christophe Jeanson, creative chef and pastry chef of the Maison Lenôtre, Claire Heitzler puts her signature to an exclusive dessert for Mother's Day. Its “Strawberry Blossom” is an ode to gourmet food and an invitation to conviviality. 

The Mother's Day dessert (Valencia almond, strawberries and wild strawberries) will be available in limited edition in Lenôtre shops from 3 to 7 June 2020. //5/6 people - €49 // Strawberry and Wild Strawberry Sorbet from Jean-Louis Bellemans - 500 ml - €18

As for Vincent Guerlais, he makes your Mum a real star! Among the dark chocolate and praline bites and other chocolate creations, you will find the “Maman d'Amour” cake, combining freshness, sweetness and delicacy (strawberries, raspberries, almonds, lemon balm and lime).

Products available in the shop and on the website from 19 May 2020 // “Ma mère est une star” (My mother is a star) creation - 220 g - €24 // “Maman ma star” (Mum, my star) bite - 120 g - €12 // “Ma petite robe de star” (My little star dress) - 100 g – €10 // “Maman d’amour” (Love Mum) cake - 6 people - €28

Maëlig Georgelin offers a trio of refreshing delicacies with fruity and floral accents.

“Roul/Mama” dessert (Bourbon vanilla and Pink Guava) for 6 people as a limited edition // Flowerpot Creation // Bouchée Papillon (Butterfly Bite) (apricot fruit jelly and vanilla ganache) // Photo Credit: Hervé Le Reste

Laurent Duchêne spotlights this seasonal fruit that we appreciate so much with his delicately curved dessert, “La Fraise Craquante” (Crunchy Strawberry). Guaranteed to make your heart soar!

Products available from 29 May 2020 // 4/5-portion dessert - €38 // Individual small cake - €7.50

Laurent Le Daniel proposes a lovely selection of sweets and treats for Mother's Day, including this “Heart” dessert (almonds, vanilla, tonka, citrus fruits and strawberries) and this charming “Pot en Fleurs” (Flowerpot).

Pierre Hermé presents its iconic creations (Ispahan, Désiré, Orphéo, Infiniment Vanille, Miraflores) in the form of “Cœurs” (Heart) tarts and desserts, and also offers tasty bars filled with praline.

Products available from 1 to 7 June 2020 // Filled bars - 100 g - €10 Tarts and Desserts - 2/3 to 6/8 portions- €34 to €80

Christophe Roussel Christophe Roussel brings a smile to your face for this special day with his “Happy Maman” (Happy Mum) dessert (Fleur de Sel salted caramel, Dark Chocolate and Pecan Nuts).

4/5-portion dessert - €30 // 6/7-portion dessert - €42

Aurélien Trottier reinterprets the Framboisier or Raspberry Bush for Mother's Day in the form of a dessert with a modern, clean look. 

Desserts available to order // 6-portion - €30

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