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The organic confectionery workshop

23 February 2021
Sweets to make yourself: bright pink marshmallow cubes (the ones that end up over the fire), lollipops, nougats, chocolates (with a cherry inside), mint or propolis pastilles, soft caramels or hard boiled sweets.

Before going on to make the little treats, the author explains how to use the different varieties of sugar, such as molasses, agave nectar or cane sugar, equipment, natural colours (matcha tea, turmeric, beetroot sugar), texturing agents (agar agar, tapioca), natural flavours (essential oils, fruit syrups and purées). 

Then come 24 recipes for “Boiled sugar sweets and caramels”, (Strawberry lollipops, Mint pastilles, Hard salted caramels), “Fruit and flower sweets” (Cherry marshmallows, apple chips, Crystallised flowers, Raspberry jellies etc.), “Dried fruit sweets” (White nougats, Pralines, Almond paste), and “Chocolate sweets” (Chocolate bar with puffed cereals).

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