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Selection of Galettes 2023

9 January 2023
Throughout the month of January, the Galettes of Kings as usual adorn our patissiers' windows beckoning us towards delicious pastry horizons. This centuries-old gourmet encounter offers variations of both shape and flavours. Discover our members' offerings for this New Year!

A simple creation to enjoy, share and take with you: discover the dark or milk chocolate Galette topped with a soft caramel and a delicious sheet praline in the signature work of Patrick Agnellet.

At Sébastien Bouilletthe Epiphany will be a gourmet treat! Discover the chef's "Tarte Tatin"Galette composed of two rolls of filo pastry and delicately caramelized apples.

From January 24 to 29, enjoy Frédéric Cassel's "Ephémère" Galette and treat yourself to a comforting break with the flavours of almonds, chocolate and coconut.

Under the signature sign of chocolate, the 2023 Galette by Laurent Duchêne is centred on an almond frangipane cream, a 60% chocolate ganache, caramelized cocoa and buckwheat nibs. A real gourmet treat!

The turn of tradition this time with this Maison Guillet signature GaletteHow can one resist the combination of a delicate pure butter filo pastry and a delicious almond frangipane?

Original in shape and classic in flavour, the Galette of Kings 2023 by Laurent Le Daniel is presented in the form of a "Dutch cake". It is centred around filo pastry, an almond cream with notes of rum and an almond macaronade.

Maison Oberweis celebrates New Year by offering lucky winners of the first three golden trinkets a voucher for a magnificent layered cake for any event of their choice in 2023. Beautiful moments of joy to come in the New Year!

With his pineapple and cocoa Galette, Daniel Rebert offers you an escape to the tropics. Combining softness and an escape from the  winter: a bet that many of us want to win!

Whether they are made with red praline, chocolate chips or traditional frangipane, Maison Sève Galettes are a treat any sweet tooth every year. Can you resist?

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