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Selection of red fruits desserts 2024

29 April 2024
In the world of haute patisserie, red fruits are kings. Let us guide you through a series of desserts where master pastry chefs use their talents in competition to give pride of place to strawberries and blueberries. These audacious and elegant creations, which combine tradition and modernity, are true homages to the richness of seasonal fruits. So, are you ready for an intense red delicious experience?

Enjoy French elegance with this “Fleur des neiges” dessert designed by Sébastien Brocard. This creation is made with a white chocolate mousse caressing a heart of red fruits, all surrounded by sweetness and finely decorated.

Delicious seasonal desserts by Frédéric Cassel: the fraisier, a meeting of textures and flavours, where creamy mousseline and fresh strawberries are a perfect combination. This great classic will delight your taste buds!

Succumb to temptation with this delicious reinterpretation of baba made by Laurent Duchêne, mixing the freshness of strawberries with the acidity of rhubarb. A perfect balance enhanced by a touch of vanilla, for a dessert that celebrates the arrival of warm days.

Discover the creation of Alexandre Gely: an exquisite dessert combining raspberry, lime and coconut. A pastry masterpiece that guarantees an explosion of flavours, for a pleasure that can be shared.

The “Confetti Myrtille” created by Vincent Guerlais is a small cake that makes every bite a celebration of flavours, with the sweetness of blueberries and the elegance of a refined design. So, are you ready for a gourmet celebration?

Discover “Lily” by Mathieu Kamm, in which the lightness of the lemon mousse harmonises with the strawberry-rhubarb compote, all on a lemon and olive oil flavoured biscuit. A wonderful dessert that celebrates spring through each of its delicate layers.

Arnaud Lahrer presents a pavlova with red fruits offering a true ballet of flavours: crispy meringue, light whipped cream and lime zest. Each fruit adds its own special note to this seasonal symphony. 

Sweetness and gourmet pleasure are guaranteed with Cédric Pernot’s raspberry macaron. Textures and flavours play a key role in this creation, which is topped with a macaron for the perfect finishing touch.

With this strawberry tart, Christophe Roussel  delights us.  Each fruit is sublimated by a base of shortcrust pastry and light cream. A work of art to be savoured, celebrating the quintessence of strawberry. 

A delicate presentation: the fraisier made by Richard Sève combines the freshness of juicy strawberries with the sweetness of a light cream, all surrounded by a ribbon of chocolate. Elegance and taste in perfect harmony. 

Vincent Vallée presents his “Crème d’Ange”, an airy dessert offering the lightness of a vanilla mousse, the freshness of red fruits and the subtlety of figs. Just an invitation to enjoy a piece of heaven on earth.

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