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Back to School Snack Selection

17 August 2022
Whether fruity, spicy or chocolate, fondant or crunchy, the snacks imagined by our pastry chefs all have one common denominator: they are absolutely gourmet! Succumb to the temptation of one or other of these creations for a sweet start to the new school year!

Discover "Crousti Mans", a Maison Bellanger speciality that combines a crispy shortbread with a melting heart of praline! A comforting gourmet treat that will charm more than just one sweet tooth!

In his shop dedicated to the world of snacks, Sébastien Bouillet celebrates Chiffon Cake, an iconic travel cake in Japan. Airy, soft, light and easy to carry, you won't be able to resist it!

Sébastien Brocard bets safe with his irresistible chocolate fondant. We just want to plunge our spoons into its gourmet heart!

Head west with this Maelig Georgelin signature Brioche du Marin! Composed of a natural sourdough based brioche, decorated with candied fruit, chocolate nuggets, almonds and sugar grains, this signature Vienna pastry can be taken away and enjoyed wherever you want!

Cookies with nuts or chocolate, brownies, puff pastry, Madeleine, financier or even fluted, Vincent Guerlais will spoil you for choice when you choose your next snack!

Give in to the temptation of these crisp fondant shortbreads imagined by Jean-Paul HévinSugar iced and garnished in their heart with a creamy caramel or a pistachio gianduja, they showcase pastry-making expertise and revive the tradition of petit fours!

Matthieu Kamm plays the card of roundness and gourmet delights with this Parisian vanilla flan. A sweet moment of conviviality made to share when you get back from school!

If you want to extend your Parisian getaway, treat yourself to a "Pavé de Montmartre", Arnaud Larher 's specialty which contains a delicate soft almond biscuit at its heart under a thin layer of lightly browned almond paste.

In Lyon, enjoy the pleasures of the new school year all year round. Don't miss out on the famous praline pie of Maison Sève based on an extra fine dough with almonds and pralines prepared the old way in a copper mixer.

Bamkuch is a traditional gateau from Luxembourg. It has been made in this way for more than fifty years by Maison OberweisAlso available as an individual version, this sweet delight made of thin layers cooked around a spindle can be enjoyed at any time of the day, especially for snacking!

You can't make your mind up between a brioche and a croissant? Florian Koller offers you his "Crioche", a delicious hybrid recipe that gives pride of place to these two emblematic pastries!

With a fine caramelized coating and a tender but delicately fragrant heart of vanilla and amber rum, once snack time arrives, all you will want is one of Arnaud Marquet's fluted bouchees.

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